Vision Statement

QUSA Thermal is committed to establishing itself as a premier provider of high grade thermal insulation technologies to the global marketplace. With the Q-Shield™ product we look to deliver safe, reliable and efficient solutions to our customers.

Mission Statement

To provide high-quality flexible thermal insulation solutions that solves complex high heat problems that allow our customers to meet their thermal and safety needs.

About QUSA Thermal

With the Q-Shield™ product we have been generating insulation solutions for high heat applications across many industries since 2003. We’re a tier 1 vendor for various global automotive, heavy duty equipment, agricultural, industrial, marine, rail and engine manufacturers. We are proud to create high performance insulation products for our target markets: Automotive, Marine, Rail, Industrial, Generators, on and off-road applications, and the Military.

Our company is headquartered in Florida and produced from our specialized manufacturing facility in India. The manufacturing plant in India was established in 2010 and is ISO 9001:2008 certified & ISO/TS 16494:2009 certified.

Our high-capacity plant produces large volume products for our customers. Currently we have 20,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities and will be expanding further in the coming years to meet global demand.

Our Indian affiliate is ranked as one of the top performing thermal insulation heat shield suppliers in India, QUSA Thermal is known for the quality and reliability of our products. The Q-Shield™ thermal insulation materials have been tested for flammability, heat resistance, chemical testing, odor testing, and HAZMAT in India by organizations that are all NABL accredited. These organizations include SGS, ELCA Labs, and the National Testing Laboratory.

Industry Affiliation

QUSA Thermal is a proud member of the NIA – National Insulation Association

QUSA Thermal is proud to be affiliated with ThomasNet a leading network in connecting B2B buyers industrial and commercial suppliers.


QUSA Thermal is a global leader in providing removable and reusable custom insulation solutions. Serving customers across the globe our product is engineered to the highest standards to ensure the most reliable product available in the market today.

Our production facility is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified. Our team has experience across a wide variety of industries and applications. We have extensive real-world experience producing all types of designs and configurations.

The Q Shield™ insulation product can be applied to any piece of equipment. These shields can be easily removed and reapplied as application use and maintenance operations dictate.