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With our field-proven heat management solutions, we are a leading provider of high-grade thermal insulation for mining vehicles and equipment. We design and manufacture removable insulation jackets that protect the exhaust system while ensuring worker and job site safety. Our custom fabricated insulation systems for exhaust components, such as mufflers and pipes, feature high-temperature capability and a cool surface to reduce the incidence of fire or accidental injury.

At the worksite, mining vehicles are continually idling, which causes the surfaces of exhaust elements to reach very high-temperatures - field testing revealed that exhaust temperature reached a scorching heat of 800 ºC (1472 ºF). In addition to threatening the safety of workers by exposing them to the risk of burning or scalding, fuel, hydraulic fluid, or other flammable liquids leaking onto or coming in contact with the hot surfaces had the potential for igniting a fire.

To avoid creating hazardous conditions, we designed, fabricated, and installed custom Q-Shield™ insulation jackets. To provide the ultimate in protection, in one field application, we designed a thermal insulation solution consisting of four layers of heat shielding material bonded to form a jacket measuring 16 mm (0.63") in thickness with a durable, cool to the touch exterior. For this high-temperature application where safeguarding workers and equipment was a top priority, our solution reduced the heat of the exhaust to 110 ºC (230 ºF) to promote a much higher degree of safety.

We have manufactured many different thermal insulation products for mining applications, such as turbo shields and covers, diesel engine insulation, and firewall insulation for operator cabs.

We have applied solutions on trucks, loaders, drills, and a variety of surface and underground mining equipment.

Case Study

These trucks are predominantly in the presence of workers who carry heavy loads and are exposed to the risk of burning or scalding their skin. In such an event there have been cases of multiple people being injured since the responsibility falls on the people working or standing near the truck.

Problem Statement Excessive heat from the exhaust pipe was affecting the performance of the air intake system and causing harm to users
Component Shielded Exhaust Pipe
Test Conditions On Field and Test Cell
Pre Q-Shield™ Temperature on Exhaust Pipe 550 ºC
1022 ºF
Post Q-Shield™ Temperature on Exhaust Pipe 90 ºC
194 ºF
Number of Layers of Heat Shield 4
Thickness 16 mm
0.63 in


QUSA Thermal is a global leader in providing removable and reusable custom insulation solutions. Serving customers across the globe our product is engineered to the highest standards to ensure the most reliable product available in the market today.

Our production facility is ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified. Our team has experience across a wide variety of industries and applications. We have extensive real-world experience producing all types of designs and configurations.

The Q Shield™ insulation product can be applied to any piece of equipment. These shields can be easily removed and reapplied as application use and maintenance operations dictate.