CAD/CAM Services

What Is CAD/CAM?

Industry professionals employ both CAD and CAM software to aid in the design and manufacture of parts and products. 

  • Computer-aided design (CAD) software allows users to digitally generate two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional models of parts with corresponding technical specifications. These designs can then be utilized by other software during production operations. 
  • Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)—also referred to as computer-aided machining or computer-aided modelingsoftware enables manufacturing experts to exert greater control over manufacturing operations through the use of computerized equipment. It typically employs information garnered from CAD drawings and models to guide machine functions during part production. 
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CAD/CAM Software Employed by QUSA Thermal

At QUSA Thermal, we have implemented a technology-rich design environment. Along with AutoCAD and CATIA, we use SolidWorks to design and draft part drawings and models and convert them into an integrated 3D design file. The finalized design represents the entirety of the part, including all of its individual components. Using the specs outlined in the file, our team generates a bill of materials and develops systems aimed toward facilitating the manufacture of the part.

CAD and CAM Services at QUSA Thermal

Equipped with these powerful software tools and years of design and engineering experience, our design engineers have the tools and knowledge needed to develop intelligent design and manufacturing solutions for removable and reusable insulating jackets that offer adequate protection to employees and equipment. 

After analyzing heat shield requirements, we develop 2D drawings and models that accommodate the physical measurements or files supplied by the customer. These designs allow us to offer assistance at every stage of the product development process, such as by:

  • Troubleshooting and resolving design issues
  • Measuring and comparing alternative designs
  • Testing out different construction materials
  • Simulating the manufacturing process
  • Developing solutions for more efficient and optimized part production
General Capabilities Design
3D Modelling
Product Development
Reverse Engineering
Computer-Aided Design (CAD)/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Design
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Simulation
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Troubleshooting
Designed Products Machines
File Formats for Part Design AutoCAD (2010)
CATIA (V5 R25)

  • .stp
  • .igs
  • .stl
  • model
  • .3dxml
  • .cgr
  • .hcg
  • .wrl

SolidWorks 2019 Premium (SP2.0)

  • IGES
  • STEP AP203
  • STEP AP214
  • Form Tool
  • Parasolid
  • Parasolid Binary
  • Lib Feat Part (*sldlfp)
  • Part Templates
  • Adobe Portable Document Format (3D pdf)
  • IFC 2 x 3
  • IFC 4
  • ACIS
  • VRML
  • STL
  • 3D Manufacturing Format
  • Additive Manufacturing File
  • Polygon File Format
  • eDrawings
  • 3DXML
  • CATIA Graphics
  • ProE/Creo Part
  • HCG
  • Adobe Photoshop Files

Adobe Illustrator Files

File Formats for Drafting AutoCAD (2010)

  • .dwg
  • .dxf

CATIA (V5 R25)

  • .dxf
  • .dwg
  • .pdf
  • .cgm
  • .svg
  • .gl2
  • .ps
  • .catalog
  • .tif
  • .jpg
  • .ig2
  • .3dxml

SolidWorks 2019 Premium (SP2.0)

  • DXF
  • DWG
  • eDrawings
  • Adobe Portable Document Format
  • Adobe Photoshop Files
  • Adobe Illustrator Files
  • JPEG
  • Portable Network Graphics
  • TIFF
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Additional Services Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)
Concept Development
Technical Support
Efficiency Poka-Yoke
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
7QC Tools

Partnering With QUSA Thermal

As a premier supplier of cost-effective and high-performance thermal insulation solutions, we at QUSA Thermal fully understand the importance of thermal insulation products in ensuring the safety of employees and longevity of equipment. Our CAD/CAM services allow customers to design and develop thermal insulation that suits the exact specifications of their unique applications. 

For more information about our CAD/CAM design services or to make an inquiry, contact us today.