High-Grade Design and Development Services

At QUSA Thermal, Inc., we offer high-grade thermal insulation design and development services for custom applications. Leveraging our Q-Shield™ technology, we engineer removable and reusable insulating jackets that protect both equipment and personnel. Our design engineers analyze heatshield requirements and use either customer-supplied IGES and STP files or physical measurements to create 2D drawings and 3D models of custom engineered thermal barrier insulation. We manufacture insulation jacketing and insulation blankets that tolerate extreme service conditions and protect heat sensitive cables, controls, and electric wiring while assuring human safety.

Constructed from a range of high-temperature textile and fiberglass materials with specialty thermal barrier coatings, our multi-functional thermal insulation resists temperatures up to 1500ºC (2,800 ºF). Depending on the equipment and the environmental conditions, we produce jackets and blankets with 2 to 5 layers of material and measuring from 1 to 50 mm (0.04 - 1.97") in thickness. There is no limit on overall size nor are there any restrictions on the configuration. Our products are easy to install, remove, and reinstall after maintenance has been performed. Setting the industry standard for performance, our Q-Shield™ products eliminate the danger of oil spills on engine surfaces, increase the effectiveness of exhaust filters, and ensure emission expectations are met.

General Capabilities Analysis of an application either by using an IGS file from the customer or by taking physical measurements in the field
Feasibility study after analyzing the heat shield requirements
Designing 2D and 3D drawings using AUTOCAD and CATIA by using an IGS or STP File
Application Analysis
Insulation Design
Insulation Installation
Function Danger of Oil Spills on Engine Surfaces
Heat Control
Ensure Emissions Expectations are Meet
Increasing the Effectiveness of Exhaust Filters
Reducing Toxic Emissions
Personnel Protection
Equipment Protection from Environmental Conditions
Shielding of Heat Sensitive Cables, Controls, and of Electric Wiring
Component Safety
Human Safety
Heat Retention
Climate Control
Heat Management
Custom Insulation Products Diesel Engine Insulation
Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) Insulation
Engine Shields
Exhaust Piping Insulation
Genset Insulation
Insulation Blankets
Removable Insulation Blankets
Removable Insulating Jackets
Reusable Insulating Jackets
Insulation Jacketing
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Insulation
Thermal Insulation
Thermal Barrier Insulation
Turbine Insulation
Insulation Materials Fiberglass Fabric
Flexible Textile-Based Material
High-Temperature Insulation
Fiberglass with Aluminum Foil
Fiberglass with Silicone Coating
Wire/Textile Mesh Backing
Woven Material
Non-Woven Material
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
E-Glass Mat
Ceramic Fiber Mat
Ceramic Fiber Paper
Affixment Methods High Temp Velcro (temperature resistance to 170 C or  338 F)
Stainless steel Hooks & Washers affixed with SS springs and rings or interlaced SS wire.
Stainless Steel Snaps
Stainless Steel Roller Ball Block Ties
Stainless Steel Worm Drive Clamps
Buckle & Straps using Stainless Steel D-Rings
Kevlar Draw Cords
Various other methodologies, or any of the above used in various combinations, are also employed as per customer requirements
Continuous Operating Temperature Limit 0 to 2800 ºF
0 to 1500 ºC
Thickness of Insulation 1 to 50 mm (0.04 - 1.97") in thickness
Size Limitations None - Based on Application
Range of Number of Layers of Insulations 2 to 5
Heat Management Applications Roof/Ceiling Shielding
Turbo Shielding
Muffler Shielding
Doghouse Shielding
Exhaust Manifold Shielding
Shields for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
Exhaust Pipe Shielding
Engine Compartment Shielding
Exhaust System Shielding
Engine Cover Shielding
Exhaust Muffler Shielding
Fuel Tank Shielding
Coolant Hose Shielding
On-Road Market Applications Manifold Shielding
Muffler Shielding
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Shielding
Exhaust System Insulation Shielding
Turbo Shields and Covers
Firewall Insulation
Floorboard Insulation
Off-Road Market Applications Manifold Shielding
Muffler Shielding
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Shielding
Exhaust System Insulation
Turbo Shields and Covers
Firewall Insulation
Marine Market Applications Manifold Shielding
Generator Shielding
Engine Piping Shielding
Turbo Shields and Covers
Engine Canopy Shielding
Generators/Standing Equipment Applications Exhaust Piping Shielding
Manifold Shielding
Turbo Shields and Covers
Muffler Shielding
Military Applications Manifold Shielding
Exhaust System Insulation
Turbo Shields and Covers
Firewall Insulation
Sound Suppression Shielding
Wall and Ceiling Panels
Lead Times Quoted on Job by Job Basis
Efficiency Poka-Yoke
7QC Tools


General Capabilities Agricultural Tractors
Gensets Generators
Diesel Gensets Generators
Gas Turbines
Steam Turbines
Engine Parts
Marine Engines
Mining & Construction Equipment
Military Equipment Armored Personnel Carriers (APC)
Mine Protected Vehicles (MPV)
Light Armored Military Vehicles (LAMV)
On-Road Vehicles and Equipment Trucks (7 to 31 ton)
Goods Carriers (1 to 6 ton)
Commercial Vehicles
Off-Road Vehicles and Equipment Wheel Loaders
Asphalt Compactors
Hole Blasters
Transit Passenger Buses
Rail/Locomotive Engines

Additional Information

Industry Focus Agriculture
Defense Industry
Oil & Gas
Power Generation
Industry Standards ISO/TS 16949: 2009 (International Organization for Standardization)
IATF 16949: 2016
NIA (National Insulation Association)
RoHS (Restriction Of Hazardous Substances (Compliant))
File Formats AutoCAD (DWG, DXF, DWZ)
Catia (CATDrawing, CATPart)
For Part Design: IGS and STP
Output in PDF (Portable Document Format)


We are a lean and ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 manufacturer of top quality heat shielding products and serve customers in the on-road, off-road, marine, military, and power generation industries. Along with diesel engine insulation, we produce products to shield and protect entire exhaust systems including mufflers, manifolds, and piping; fuel tanks; coolant hoses; turbo shields, covers, and more. We also manufacture firewall, floorboard, and wall and ceiling panel insulation for protection and sound abatement. Our thermal insulation exhibits exceptional longevity, even in the most severe service environments. Contact us directly to learn more about high-grade thermal insulation design and development services for custom applications or to make an inquiry.


QUSA Thermal is a global leader in providing removable and reusable custom insulation solutions. Serving customers across the globe our product is engineered to the highest standards to ensure the most reliable product available in the market today.

Our production facility is ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified. Our team has experience across a wide variety of industries and applications. We have extensive real-world experience producing all types of designs and configurations.

The Q Shield™ insulation product can be applied to any piece of equipment. These shields can be easily removed and reapplied as application use and maintenance operations dictate.